SalaamAlaikum, most probably Saturday May 27 2017 will be our first Rozha. Khathamul-Quran Taraweh at Subhan Masjid will start on Friday May 26 evening.

Regarding Iftars at Subhan Masjid, we try our best to make it simple, easy and affordable for people. Those people who would like to bring home made food, please prepare only two items. The whole idea of having iftar in the Masjid is to set together with other Muslims and to train our kids what Rozha, Masjid & Socializing with other Muslims as a community is.

We provide , dates, bread, juice and water.  You can cook and bring two items like Rice and Ghorma.  Two or three families can come together and sponsor one evening Iftar at Subhan Masjid, insha allah, masha allah.  For example, 3 families, each family can prepare food for 40 people which will cover 120 people total.  Only 2 items food as mentioned before.

Any individual, family or a business who would like to sponsor an Iftar, please call , text or email your info. to us and we will contact you.

Monday to Thursday , we have short or simple iftar at Subhan Masjid.  A plate of snacks is prepared and given to each brother and sister as soon as the Azan is read. The plate contains, dates, piece of banana, a piece of bread or a samosa, water and juice.  No full dinner after prayers during these 4 evenings.  We have usually 40 to 60 people during weekdays, each evening. The cost of one evening simple iftar is around  $150.00

Your $150. donations will take care of one weeday evening iftar.  If you can donate less or more than $150.00 for one evening iftar,  it is still ok.  Two or more people can sponsor one weekday evening iftar.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we have full dinner iftar at Subhan Masjid.  We get more or less 120 people each evening.  The cost is between $300.00 and $400.00 each evening. Those people who pay cash, we order food from a restaurant who gives us good deal for the sake of Masjid iftar.

Most families bring home made food which all Muqtadian would love to have.  So, we really appreciate, if families come together and bring home cook food for iftar to Subhan Masjid.  We try our best to mix Afghan and Non-Afghan families for these 3 evenings iftars.  So we can have Afghani and Non-Afghani food for dinner.   Every Rozha,  we get home made delicious dishes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh , Sri Lanka, Yamen, Sudan and other countries, masha Allah.

Thanks for all your support and enthusiasm towards any Masjid, specially towards Subhan Masjid Project. We have a long way to go.  History is being made. The best is yet to come.  Together , we can do it, insha Allah, masha Allah.