SalaamAlaikum, Hope all of you are doing well. Ramadhan is full of Barakath and hope. Thanks for supporting & promoting Subhan Masjid in any way you can. With your help, thousands of people have used Subhan Masjid for their Ebadath & other religious social activities. Every second, minute, day & night you get all the rewards and for years to come.

Today, Saturday June 18, 2016 , full dinner iftar is provided by two brothers from Africa and some Afghan families.  Everyone is invited to join us, Masha Allah.  Let others know, Masha Allah.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays , we have dinner iftars @ Subhan Masjid, Masha Allah.   Everyone is invited to join us, Insha Allah.  Monday to Thursday, we have short or simple iftars which include Water, Juice, Bread, Dates, Fruit and Samosa.

Once again, thanks for all your enthusiasm & financial help to keep the door of Subhan Masjid open to all mankind and Muslims particularly.