Dear Sisters & Brothers, we will have a religious & community get together program at Subhan Masjid, on Sun. Feb. 19 , 2017 at 4-8 pm.  This program is for everyone, sisters , brothers , young and old.  Islamic scholar will talk and food will be served at the end.  

Any family who would like to bring any food item like Ogra , Halwa , Tea and Cookies for the community get together program which takes place between 4 – 8 pm, can do so.  May Allah (SWT) bless you for all your support towards Masjid & Community.  

Let us train our coming generation to be together more often throughout the year.  We perform these kinds of programs at least 4 times within a year at Subhan Masjid.  Taking part in these programs more often will bring a positive change in our community , insha Allah.

Spread the news and collect rewards.  Allah (SWT) from above & our own kids from below are watching us.