Author: smdmin

Upcoming Islamic Knowledge Programme

We will have Ayathona and Hadisona interpretations, tafseers and simplification by Maolana A. Jalil and Imam A.Hadi. Upcoming Date is Sunday , Febuary 08  2015 and time is between 5.30 pm. right after Maghrib and Isha for 2...

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November 16 Programme at Subhan Masjid

With your support and enthusiasm, we will have a great programme at Subhan Masjid on Sunday  Nov. 16, 2014 , starting at 4 pm.   This programme is for everyone including sisters.   Please no kids under 7 years old, we will have...

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Successful Khathamul-Quran and Fundraising

Thank you for all your support during the month of Ramadhan. You have provided food for ( 1500 + 1000 + 450 + 60 ) = total 3000 people at Subhan Masjid. You , the great community stood united and raised funds to build a future for Subhan Masjid.

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