Dear Sisters and Brothers !   Khathamul Quran Tarawih at Subhan Masjid is on Wednesday July 15, 2015 at 10.30 pm, insha Allah.   Since Iftar and Khatam is close, so many community people are coming for Iftar and stay for Khatham.   Everyone is welcome to join us for Iftar.   Anyone who would like to bring simple food for Iftar, let us know.    Since it is a weekday, we will make the process  short so people can go home early.    It is time to collect rewards.   Allah will bless our community, insha Allah.   We need to do some sacrifices in order to get success.   Examples are everywhere to notice in GTA , insha Allah.

There will be 2 Eid prayers at Subhan Masjid.    8 am.   &   9 am.   Please remember we have Pan Am games running in Toronto, so consider extra time for heavy traffic all around the city.    We will have traditional Eid Star-Khan at Subhan Masjid at 10 or 10.30 am.  Everyone is welcome to join us.   It does not matter where you pray, join us for tea and cookies at Subhan Masjid.   Anyone or any family who would like to bring tea and cookies, let us know.   If you decide the last minute to stay for tea and cookies gathering, all you have to bring is tea and cookies according to your family members, that is all.  Don’t worry be happy.   It is not the food, it is to stay together in this busy environment.    Our kids need these traditions.  Allah bless us all and thank you for your support and enthusiasm towards Subhan Masjid.   Dreams are coming true, insha Allah.