Salamalaikom. In sha Allah Subhan Islamic Association will hold 4 eid prayers at the masjid. The management tried to secure an outside venue for one salah, however the city did not allow a gathering bigger than 100 people. In sha allah in the future we will have opportunities to pray all together in one place.

The salah timings will be as follows:

1st Eid Salah
english lecture at 6:30am
salah at 6:45 am

2nd Eid Salah
english lecture at 7:30am
salah at 7:45 am

3rd Eid Salah
pashto lecture at 8:30am
salah at 9:00 am

4th Eid Salah
Pashto lecture at 9:30am
salah at 10:00 am ( correction)

Jazakallah khair