We will have Khathamul Quran Taraweh at Subhan Masjid on Wednesday  July  15,  2015 after other Masajids finish their Khathams, so all of our community is free to join us, insha Allah

Wednesday July 15 , 2015 ,  Iftar at Subhan Masjid will be a big one.   Many are expected to attend like last year and even more.   if anyone , any family , any business or any group of people who would like to bring food for the Khathamul Quran evening Iftar, please let us know.   Call or text Shafiq for more information.

After Khathamul Quran, we will distribute sweets.   If anyone would like to donate any cash for this purpose, let us know.

We will have Eid Mubaraki traditional Satar-Khan at Subhan Masjid after prayers.   Any family who would like to participate and bring 2 thermos mixed tea and cookies according to their family members number of people , please ; let us know to organise it better.   If you don’t get a chance to call us, it is ok , just bring it.   We enjoy our traditions now in a Masjid kind of environment which is a blessing.   Allah (J) has given us excellent opportunity to use, insha Allah.

Thanks for your co-operation and enthusiasm towards Subhan Masjid Project.   Please check your email accounts for more information already sent to you.   Old and new pictures will be shared with you soon.   

Allah bless us all. Thanks.