According to Saudi Thursday May 17, 2018 is the first day of Ramadhan. We will have our first Khathmul Quran Taraweh at Subhan Masjid on Wednesday night.

Ramadan 2018

The month of Barakath is arriving soon. Every Masjid is trying to collect donations during this great month of charity, worship, prayers and forgiveness.

We have Khathmul Quran Taraweh at Subhan Masjid as ever other year. Please let others know to join us, insha allah.

During the month of Ramadhan 2018 as every other year, we have Iftar food program. Monday to Thursday, we have simple, short iftar which is served just after Maghrib Azan and before Maghrib prayers.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays , we have dinner Iftar which is served after Maghrib prayers. Any individual, any business , any family or any group of people who would like to sponsor an Iftar , please let us know. We will give you all the details and make it very easy for you. It is not a difficult process, insha allah, masha allah.

Contributing to Subhan Masjid

There are many ways which you can help Subhan Masjid Project, masha allah. Cash donations with receipt issued to you. Direct deposit from your bank account to Subhan Masjid account. Take cans from Masjid to your home or business for spare change to collect. We need some volunteers during the month of Ramadhan to help us out set up Iftars, specially on Fri. Sat. and Sundays. You can talk to your local Masjid to give you one day for collection for Subhan Masjid , insha allah. Call us if you need any info or help regarding collections in your local Masjid for Subhan Masjid.