Thank you for all your support during the month of Ramadhan. You have provided food for ( 1500 + 1000 + 450 + 60 ) = total 3000 people at Subhan Masjid. You , the great community stood united and raised funds to build a future for Subhan Masjid. Soon the complete list of names who pledged will be available to general public within our own community. Every single dollar is accounted for at Subhan Masjid. Every decision is taken with consultations. Allah (J) and people are our witness. Thanks Allah and thank you.

Subhan Masjid is running based on volunteer work. Thanks to all volunteers and Allah bless their families. We need volunteers on Sunday July 27 , afternoon to prepare Subhan Masjid for Eid prayers and we need them to help us during Eid day, insha allah. Sunday Iftar is provided by a brother from Pakistan, so volunteers can join us for Iftar too.

Everything goes well beyond expectations. Anyone who comes to Subhan Masjid and sees the energy and enthusiasm of people will think different. It is a guarantee. Let us train our kids for volunteer work at Subhan Masjid. Let us train them to fall in love with the community services. Coming together only on Eid days for a couple of ours is not a recipe for success. We did it for the last 30 years. We need to come together many times during the year. Each one of us has to ask ourselves, how many times have I visited Subhan Masjid and how did I help Subhan Masjid in the last 1.5 year and should I miss the Eid day prayers too. All of us need to look inside our consciousness. Past is to learn for the future.

Here are some pics from Khathamul Quran July 25 2014 at Subhan Masjid.