Last program on March 25,2016, Good Friday, Holiday was great. Many people showed up, Allah bless all those who could attend the program and those who could not.  We are here, insha Allah, together, many great programs will happen with the grace of Allah at Subhan Masjid.  Every family within our community will attend one, two or all programs at Subhan Masjid which take place every year, insha Allah.  Our community is very new with the process we have started. We have a long way to go.  Allah helps those who are Sabiron ( those who wait with patience for good to happen ) written in Quran Sharif.

Our next ( 3rd. ) program of the year will be at the end of May 2016.  Details will be announced soon. It could be Sunday evening, May 22, 2016.  In our next program,together, we will talk about Ramadhan, Iftars, Taraweh & the 27th Khathamul Quran night, insha allah.   Times are historic, please be part of it.  Every little help counts.   Everyone is welcome for consultations.  Allah from above and our kids from below are watching us.

Pictures below are from the program on March 25,2016.

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