We will have another great program at Subhan Masjid on Good Friday, Holiday, March 25, 2016 @ 4 – 9 pm

There will be 4 Islamic scholars who will talk about Islam and its application to our daily life. Program is for everyone including families.  Food will be served at the end.  Please let all your contacts know. Use your phone, whats-app, viber, emails, texts and other methods to spread the message. Allah (SWT) will give you many rewards for helping the community and promoting Subhan Masjid.

Both our Imams, Maolana Abdul Jalil and Maolana Abdul Hadi will talk in Pashto and English. Maolana Aslam Munshi and Imam Imaran-Ullah Khan will talk in English.  Brother Imran is part of the Halal Monitoring Authority too.

Any person or any family who would like to bring food items like: Ogra, Halwa, Tea, Dates, Cookies..etc, let us know.  Anyone who would like to contribute cash money towards Subhan Masjid, please let us know.  So far brothers have contributed $100. towards food for March 25 program in the evening. 

Allah (SWT) bless your efforts, your intentions, your donations and your moral support.  Times are historic, please be part of it.