We will have a great youth, for boys only, prog. on Sunday Oct. 2, 2016 @ 4 pm @ Subhan Masjid. Youth age 15 to 35 years. High school, college, co-op program, university and other educational organs students are encouraged to participate. Those who have finished their education and / or working are encouraged to participate. Those people who have good or bad experience with the process of education or looking for work are encouraged to come to this very important event.

Many of our families have a lot of difficulties with kids to stay at schools and finish it properly. Some of our kids have good experiences and advice regarding high school and they are willing to share it with those who are looking for it.

Many of our kids have some difficult social issues in their lives. They need someone to listen to them as a friend and be the same age, so they can relate to each other. This will be one of the greatest help to humanity to offer help to these young kids, mashaAllah.

Some of our kids, after high school, have difficulty to join college, university or any other higher educational programs. Some of our youth have very wrong information, some of them are afraid and some of them have no idea how and where to start.

Some higher education graduates have great jobs , but some of them have difficulty finding one. We have people in our community working in big corporations with great reputation. These brothers and sisters can help others within our community, inshaAllah, to find good employment through proper networking.

We need all those people within our Afghan community who are currently studying at higher education institutions or recently finished. We need all those people within our community who are working in different companies. In short , we need all professionals working in the their fields within our community to come to this event and express their opinions and feelings towards education, mashaAllah. The age for these professionals can be higher than 35 years, it is ok, please come.

Regarding transportation, please use TTC, Go , Taxi or Uber. Please call each other and offer rides to each others. No need to use one person and one car. Many of us can help those who don’t have transportation to come to Subhan Masjid. It is all about helping each other. Many of us talk, think, give ideas and hope for a better community, but did we really try to take some practical steps with patience and consistency? It is time to change ourselves and change others, inshaAllah.

We will have girls / sisters similar program later on, insha allah. Brothers and sisters can send their ideas and suggestions to us through the contact page.

Thanks … Allah bless your family… Allah bless our community….